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What our patients like most about our pharmacy

You can help Marble City Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

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"Love Marble City Pharmacy! They treat you like family!"


"The folks that interact with you. Friendly is an understatement."


"Friendly atmosphere"


"Everyone is always friendly and very helpful."




"Friendly people and fast service"


"Fast and courteous"


"It's diverse."


"The FOLKS!"


"Friendliness and professionalism"


"Marble City Pharmacy people make you feel like family!!"


"Hometown pharmacy! The best! Love them!"


"They have a knowledgeable team that is very kind and helpful."




"Friendly and fast service"


"Kinda like my lifetime Barber ... I will miss you if you ever close or boot me out. "


"Family friendly business. You are known by name there. :)"

"The friendly staff"


"Everyone is so friendly and helpful."


"Good honest people"


"Everybody is very friendly."


"Friendly staff that get to know their customers."


"So friendly!!"


"The people!"


"Hometown friendly folks!!"


"The folks"


"Good ole hometown folks!!"


"Everything!! Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. The gift department is outstanding, and the gifts are so reasonably priced. I don't

know why everyone doesn't come here!"


"Pharmacy staff"


"Friendly atmosphere where all of the employees treat you like family. The efficiency, and helpfulness, of the pharmacists."


"Ease of refill; friendliness of all employees; pharmacist always available for questions"




"Great folks who work there, especially the dynamic duo brothers!"


"Speed and accuracy"


"Friendly and helpful"


"People and quickness"


"Super friendly, compassionate, and punctual"


"Friendly staff"




"Those two fantastic guys who own it!!! "


"Personal service"


"Such a great group of people! That are the best!! So helpful!"


"You are all very polite and fast."


"Hands down the best pharmacy I've been to. It feels like walking into a friend's house with how nice everyone is. They are also very



"Caring and helpful; always friendly"


"Y'all put up with my absent-mindedness."


"Family owned. Nice people."


"They truly care."



"The personal family touch applied to each customer, as well as always going the extra mile for their customers."


"Everyone is so nice."


"Friendly hometown folks"


"Friendly and courteous service"




"When I walk in everyone acts like they care, and knows who I am. That really matters to me and my family, rather than dealing with those big

chain pharmacies. I recommend them to everyone I encounter. I love this pharmacy!"


"Friendly staff; always welcoming! I love the fact they are a compounding pharmacy. Helpful and knowledgeable. I love the awesome gift shop

too! I wouldn't go anywhere else!"


"The fact that I'm greeted, and talked to, each time I come in. I value personal relationships when I do business with someone. Thanks."


"Efficient and friendly"

"The people are all friendly and try their best to help you in any way possible. They speak to you. It is a warm positive environment when you

walk in the door."


"Friendliness and speed of service"


"Personal contact with pharmacists"


"The friendly staff who knows you by name."


"Would not use another; great family atmosphere"


"Fast, friendly, fun, and folksy"


"Friendly; helpful staff"




"Friendly; thorough"




"You guys are the most friendly people in town; always willing to help me with anything!!!! Love you guys!!!"


"Fast to fill Rx"


"The nice and friendly workers, and they are funny too!"


"Just a very nice place to do business. Quality people and service."




"Friendly!!!! Fast"


"Friendly and outgoing"

"Fast and courteous"




"You guys are wonderful!! Thanks for the GREAT work!!"


"Y'all are awesome, fast, and friendly. I've never had any problems with new prescriptions or refills. Everyone is always willing, and ready, to

help if needed. You have always been very friendly."






"Efficient and friendly"



"Their kindness and prompt service. They are all friendly, and you don't have to wait a long time for your medicine. They listen and care. They

are all very smart, and they have your medicine ready on time."


"Would recommend to anyone! Soooooooo helpful, friendly, trustworthy, and dependable. I have used them all my life. My family even used

them when I was a kid. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else!!!!!!!"


"They know me by name and are extremely friendly and helpful!"


"Fast customer service"

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